Monday, May 14, 2007

My visit to New Orleans

I was looking at some the pictures which I had taken last year when I visited United States...
New Orleans was one of cities which I visited. The thought of the city pooled my eyes with tears...

----"It looked haunted..." I remember Karen's words echoed in my ears when I was in New Orleans, the city which was supposed to have been rich with nature, last August 2006. I was grief stricken when I saw the numbers on the doors of hurricane wrecked houses. I asked Karen, " Why do they have numbers on the door?" . She looked at me and said, " If you see number on the door that means that they have found that many number of dead bodies in that house." My hand started shaking and I started feeling sick inside my stomach. I wondered how I would have handled this kind of situation ....My heart was beating fast! I looked at my strong friend,

"Karen, do you see any improvement in the city?" I asked her with a shaky voice.

"When I just visited New Orleans three months after Katrina, it was like a ghost town and did not see or hear any birds, bugs or insects...It was pretty scary" she said .

"Now I see few birds, and few people moving back to the city...but as far as the improvement...nothing!...I think, it will take minimum 10years for them to rebuild the city." she concluded with a sigh.
The city looked pretty bad even after a year had passed and I could imagine how it would have been soon after the hurricane. The only part which seemed unaffected were the French Quarters. I was just not able to believe it when my friend said, she had not taken me the worst of the city which was damaged....!! -------

A Scene of the French Quaters in New Orleans, LA

I had few pictures which of Karen's green garden which she sent prior to Katrina and I compared it with the pictures she took after Katrina. I saw a city filled with nature destroyed. Is it because of Katrina walloped the Gulf Coast and flooded New Orleans? or Is it because of the poorly constructed levee??? Would this city have been saved if the levee was treated before Katrina?

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