Sunday, May 20, 2007

Raccoons caught red handed

You wont believe it, I have never seen a raccoon in real life. My friends used to always tell me stories about raccoons! they mess up their pets food. Whenever I heard the stories of raccoons, I used to tell my friends that I think they must be cute (remember , still Ihave not seen them in real life!). One of my friend swore that I would be terrified if I look at one of them.

This raccoon was caught red handed when it was stealing my friend's cat's food, lol.

Raccoon really sounded like humans to me...esp. when my friend told me that they wash their hands before eating! Wow, many humans should learn from these animals!.
The other day, we were talking to our apartment security gurad and she said that there were two raccoons which were holding hands and crossing the street! lol I wonder how I would react, when I see a raccoon face to face...

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